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QR Code Menus are a great tool to re-open under safe conditions as well as provide a sustainable and affordable menu option to our customers.  To use simply scan the QR Code featured anywhere in your establishment and the menu will pop up on each of your customers personal Smartphone!


Menu Men is offering the QR Code FREE of Charge to clients that order single-use menus, placemat menus or to-go menus of 500 units or more.


Just want a QR Code?  Not a problem, simply send us your menu in a PDF form, we will upload onto our server and send you your QR Code to use.  Your customized QR Code will feature your logo in the center of the code and it comes with unlimited numbers of scans. 

  • 1 QR Code: $4 per month

  • 2 QR Codes: $8 per month

  • 3 QR Codes: $10 per month


Should you need a greater quantity of QR Codes please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


We also have signage options you can purchase to feature a QR Code:

  • QR Code Signs on 10pt. or 12pt. Synthetic Paper

  • Table Tent’s printed with QR Code  

  • Posters featuring QR Code  

  • QR Code Adhesive Stickers for windows or tables

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